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When it comes to reaching and recruiting higher education professionals, Adjunct Jobs is the perfect place to begin. Do you want to let the higher education community know about an upcoming organizational conference? We can help. Need to recruit a new staff person or senior level administrator? We have the technology and advertising tools to help you attract the best candidates. Or do you want to promote a new product or service using the power of video? Adjunct Jobs has you covered because we are the first and only higher ed job site offering a wide range of online video recruiting and advertising tools for employers. Whatever your recruiting goals are, Adjunct Jobs has customized and cost-effective solutions to help you. And because we know the positive impact Adjunct Jobs will have on your advertising efforts, we guarantee our service and our results.
Recruiting and Advertising Options
Single Job Listings

List a single job on Adjunct Jobs for up to 60 days. You will have unlimited text to fully describe your listing. Within 2 hours your listing will be live on Adjunct Jobs.

Job Bundles

Bundle 3 or more jobs and save time and money. Enjoy the flexibility of listing your openings on Adjunct Jobs immediately or anytime during the course of a year. Our discounts increase with the more jobs you bundle. $390 and up.

Unlimited Job Listings

With our two popular and cost-effective job listing plans you can post an unlimited number of jobs for your entire campus (or separate departments on your campus) all year long. You can post, remove or edit positions whenever you like, and you can track the results of each listing at anytime. Value is built into these two plans because you will also receive a year-long Institutional Profile and access to our Resume Database for no extra charge when you choose either of the unlimited job listing plans. The price is $1995 per year for the Campus-Wide Listing Plan and $1195 annually for the Departmental Listing Plan. For more details on each plan, please click here.

Front Page Premium Position Ads

Need to fill a high-profile leadership position? Our Premium Position advertisements are a fantastic way to highlight your top openings and generate maximum interest among job seekers. Your ad will be displayed on our front page in a high-visibility location aimed at attracting top talent. That ad opens to a full page ad dedicated exclusively to your job opening. Your ad will also rotate and appear on all pages of our site, inside the job seekers area and inside the employers area. $850.

Institutional Profiles

College campuses are great places to work and our Institutional Profiles are an excellent way to tell job seekers about your school's highlights all year long. The Adjunct Jobs Institutional Profiles remain on our website for one year. They feature unlimited text, your school logo, 10 large color photos that are viewable with our exclusive Adjunct Jobs PhotoView, and 7 links to top departments and programs on your campus. The best part is that even when you don't have positions listed, your school's profile is always live, so candidates can learn about your college at any time. The $950 price on this product is fantastic considering that it is like having a full-page advertisement on Adjunct Jobs for 365 days to be seen by thousands of job seekers throughout the year. It would cost your school thousands of dollars more to run a full-page ad for an entire year in higher education print publications. $950 per year.

Resume Database

Find and recruit academe's top candidates using the Adjunct Jobs Resume Database. Candidates are uploading new resumes to our site every day. Having Resume Database access gives you the flexibility and convenience to search the vitae and resumes of thousands of adjunct position seekers easily and quickly at anytime. $195 and up.

Diversity Emails

Sign up for the Adjunct Jobs Diversity Email List to increase diversity in your applicant pool. Your job listing will be emailed to thousands of candidates throughout academe who have asked to be emailed listings from colleges and universities that are actively recruiting in accordance with their institute's affirmative action and diversity plans. $75

Featured Diversity Employer

Give your institution a prime advertising advantage by being showcased as the Featured Diversity Employer in the Adjunct Jobs Diversity Email. Thousands of job candidates will see your ad and learn about your institution's commitment to recruiting from a diverse candidate pool, and potential employees will also see that your campus values diversity in the workplace. $675

Video Tools
Video Institutional Profiles (VIPs)
Use the power of video to tell job candidates why your college or university is a great place to work. Your Video Institutional Profile will include a video of your choice highlighting whatever you would like to share about your institution. Video profiles remain live on the Adjunct Jobs site for an entire year so job seekers can learn about your campus even when you are not actively listing jobs. For only $1,495 (less than $125 a month) your institution will have high-quality video informing and attracting top job candidates all year long on Adjunct Jobs. Your savings will be substantial because the VIPs are priced thousands of dollars less than it would cost your college to buy a 60-second traditional television commercial that runs only one time. On Adjunct Jobs your well-crafted video message can be up to 3 minutes in length and it can be broadcast for job seekers to watch at any time for free, 365 days a year. $1,495 per year.

Employer Video Showcase
This high-visibility solution showcases your institution in a prime front-page location on Adjunct Jobs for the entire world of higher education to see. Your Employer Video Showcase runs for seven days and includes a front-page photo that links to a full-page ad dedicated to your college. The page, which can be designed in your school colors, highlights your institution with school logo, a full video - up to 5 minutes in length - 10 links to university departments of your choice, an interactive Google locator map, and 10 large color photos of your university.

Video Premium Position Ad

Want to get the word out about your top leadership positions? Do it with the power of video and reach job candidates in ways like never before. Adjunct Jobs is the first higher education job site to offer employers a Video Premium Position advertisement option. It adds motion and sound to our Print Premium Position ads. The ad runs for seven days and appears on our front-page and rotates onto nearly every page of our website. Your Video Premium Position ad will grab the attention of job seekers in ways that print ads alone cannot. And the video ads will deliver an instant and unforgettable first impression that will likely lead to more highly- qualified candidates applying for your position. $1,050.

Run-of-the-Site Banner Ads and Email Sponsorships
Banner Advertising

Our large 300 x 250 banner ads that appear on the right side of our site are an excellent way to tell all of academe about your products, conferences, or leadership-level job openings. Unlike other sites where your ad appears on only one page, your banner ads on Adjunct Jobs will be seen on our front page and rotated onto nearly every page of our site, including inside in our job seeker and employer areas. And all of the Adjunct Jobs banner advertising packages allow you to track how many times your ads are clicked and the number of times they are viewed. If you want advertising that offers run-of-the-site exposure and a global reach that connects with job seekers at very affordable rates, Adjunct Jobs is the #1 place to begin.

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